The company Detail Development with the Muccurum Residence project successfully represents and makes Makarska visible in the world.

Welcome to a world where luxury and innovation are brought together, and where attention to detail is a way of life. Detail Development has earned a coveted Luxury Lifestyle Award in 2024 for Best Luxury Apartment Living for The Muccurum Residence in the enchanting coastal region of Croatia.

Detail Development, a real estate company specializing in the construction of luxury residences along the Adriatic coast, focuses on mutual development. They offer the highest quality coupled with reasonable prices. The modern, innovative, and international team at Detail Development strives to deliver the best quality available in the market. The company is dedicated to utilizing new technologies, quality materials, and providing professional services, and clients can expect the very best with Detail Development. The company is proudly owned by the dynamic family trio of Adam Hedera, Tomáš Hedera, and Maroš Hedera.

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